August 23, 2016

NYC Newest Web Series “Disorderly Dreams” Is Looking Promising

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Written by: TheyGotSkills

Episode 3-

Disorderly Dreams is about the Inner City Issues That Force A Young Man & His Brother Into A Life Of Desperation, Putting Their Knowledge Of Money, Friendships & The Street Life To The Test.

Rich Roman Bio – Growing Up On The Streets Of QueensBridge Rich Roman Experienced Alot & Saw A Lot Of The Westside Of Queens. In 2014 Rich Roman Wrote Out Disorderly Dreams As A Skit Just To Pass His Final Year Of High School But Brought His Idea To Life In Novemeber 2015. Rich Roman Expresses His Thoughts On The Streets Of Queens & Mixes It With Film Art. Rich Roman Produces Thoughts Of Friendships , Money & The Street Life & How All 3 Don’t Mix. He Also Shows That A Majority Of Things Seen In The Movie Is His Input On How People In Queens React To Real Life Sitautions Day In Day Out.

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Episode 4-

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