November 5, 2015


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Written by: TheyGotSkills

Real Fanbase INC is a newly developed marketing company in NYC. Their mission is “To get the unknown, KNOWN”. The company gives artists and businesses their own Keyword. Your keyword should be your company’s or artist’s stage name. Make it something very simple. Your fans will text your stage name to 90407 and Real FanBase will automatically send them your music video, soundcloud, website or what ever you are promoting.

Any fan that texts your keyword will be sent your music links, if they watch your music video, Real Fanbase INC will give them a complimentary 3Day/2Night Hotel Certificate. This is how they will drive more and more fans to your video. Even is they go for the hotel certificate, they have watched your videos and heard your music. If it is good music, you will gain new fans every day, probably even share your video to their fans.

They reward companies and artists for gaining certain numbers of fans. Rewards include radio marketing, distribution deals, commercials and more.

If you are an artists looking to take on a music promotion company HIT THEM NOW!!!!

Text Fanbase to 77948

Or contact:

Shawn: 347-825-1358


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