May 6, 2012

Create your profile for contest and sweepstakes!

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Written by: TheyGotSkills
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Fan Contest- Create your free profile today!

What is an artist without his/her fans.

They Got Skills offers a democratic style experience. You are in control of almost every aspect of the community. You choose the contests, prizes, winners, etc. Majority rules here at TGS. We will post polls  for you to vote for what you like best. Artist all around the world will enter competitions, and we need you to be the judges. You can vote for as many contestants as you wish, but you can only vote for each contestant ONCE. That’s how we roll at TGS.

You are helping local and up and coming artist gain exposure and possibly take their music, graphic, and artistic careers to the next level. We thank you for being apart of our community.

For playing such an important role, we are offering huge giveaways and great prizes just for voting and being a part of the TGS community.


Start Date:
To be announced

Weekly prizes

Every week we are giving away a few awesome gifts. Prizes include department store gift cards, TGS gear, movie tickets, concert tickets, video games, cd’s, dvd’s,  ipods, laptops, kendles, and more. Voting has never been so rewarding.

Create a FREE account
View videos, vote and take part in our community.
To be eligible to enter, you must have accumulated at least 50 Activity points by week’s drawing.
That’s it.

Earn points by posting comments, blogs, videos, pictures, music, etc.

No points will be awarded for posting events or in the classified.


So create your free account and start voting today.



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