May 6, 2016

Cide House Records new rising stat “Joe The Poet” drops BOMBS!!!

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JoethePoet aka .JP. born on January 17th is a hungry and diverse artist out of the hard streets of New York who’s on the rise to reaching his goal of stardom while displaying his life and more through his soul of music.

“My passion for music has increased tremendously and I feel like I bring something different to the table in music. To me, music is just not a sound you hear through your speakers or headphones; music is my life. It’s a culture that for the most part in this day and age is no longer around. One of my ambitions is to change that.”

He is also the founder and manager of the music group Cide House which is filled with talented artists such as Beyond Riddles, Gyzmo, and Day Know who lives out in Australia.

Social Networks:

Instagram: @Theofficialmusicofjp
Twitter: @Alleyesonjp
Soundcloud: Theofficialmusicofjp
Reverberation: Theofficialmusicofjp
FB: Joseph Leiva
SnapChat: KxngofXrated

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