August 5, 2016

Meet Female Emcee Lady Rush Killing The NYC Music Scene

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Written by: TheyGotSkills

Darra Tucker a.k.a Lady Rush 718 is the new heat wave blazing through the industry. Her sophisticated mentality, no nonsense presence, and ability to create strong images with lyrical content, is creating a path form that is sure to make noise across the world. Lady Rush 718 reared in VA; however a native of South Bronx, New York a.k.a The Boogie Down has been captivating audiences of various area codes through out the years. Lady Rush 718 posses an elegant smile always, grown woman style, and a seductive raspy voice and lyrics that all races and genders can relate too.

Lady Rush is known for motivating, supporting , and guiding others toward change to continue this movement through her music. Lady Rush speaks on, everything and anything people are scared to say, not sure if they should say, or just not in a position to say. Lady Rush 718 heavily  believes  in the saying, “Stand for something or fall for anything. Learning her way around the studio to fully learn endless possibilities to her craft, Lady Rush continued to evolve musically.

Joining many tours in which support great causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Tour along side Top Notch Radio, They Got Skillz Tour etc. Driven by her struggles, lessons learned, faith, family, and humbleness, Lady Rush718 is determined to continually reiterate, Love,Life, Faith is simple, and we as people sometime complicate it. Lady Rush 718 expectancy to achieve success  is at an all time high. Bringing back  respect for the human race code. Be good to others, so that others may be good too you, one of Lady Rush718 favorite sayings. So we introduced to you Lady Rush 718, The Voice of Improvement.

Lady Rush 718 can be viewed by fans and supporters to enjoy single tracks :  Boss Chick, Let Em Know, Bombing On Em, and newest singles: Take a Chance Calling Bluffs, Heatwave,Levels(Cover) to name a few, radio interviews, and live performances on various social media sites such as: Sound Cloud,Facebook,Twitter,  lyriform,

Contact Info:
Instagram- LadyRush 718
Twitter- LadyRush718
SoundCloud- Lady rush718

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